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Brunch & Beauties is a Worldwide Women’s Network that celebrates, empowers, inspires, amplifies and supports the greatness that is found within all of us! We're designed to pull out the very best in you! Women bring much power to the world and we call you "Wonder Woman".  Brunch And Beauties provides the necessary support and dynamic resources for great success; including a formula that brings our members extraordinary "work, life, balance". Enjoy beneficially networking, career & business development, learning more and growing all while having fun, fabulous experiences. We are a diverse community of driven leaders who enjoys uplifting and networking with other wonder women. We're committed to helping each other succeed. It’s quite refreshing to connect the dots while being apart of a unique community of power players who truly understands what it takes to accomplish life-changing goals while embracing resourcefulness and incredible inspiration. We are a true sisterhood designed to bring out the best in you. Speared in collaboration with Hollywood’s Beauty & Brand Expert, Renowned Blogger, Makeup Artist to the Stars, CEO "Nakeah Fuller" of Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood (enjoy behind-the-scenes) and, the silent force behind numerous successful household brands "Jheri Nicole Cavitt", Founder of Jhericoco - Creative Agency. Two dynamic visionaries & successful entrepreneurs who've built numerous thriving brands, both with a unique specialty in business development and both very passionate about empowering others to fully evolve while professionally helping and connecting with like-minded business women. Be apart of a life-changing community that truly cares & that thrives.

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  • A unique network founded to support & empower women in all fields including our essential workers, entrepreneurs, corporate boss ladies, industry artists, and all like-minded individuals who desire to be apart of an outstanding community of women who truly care about the overall success of careers, business ventures and life-goals as we encourage our members to follow their true passion while excitedly walking in their divine destiny. We care about your personal and professional growth. Our goal is to always provide you with superb resources. We want to see our members win in "every" way. As a strong community with profound knowledge and experience, we can help. Brunch & Beauties was created with great expertise. Along with our propelling members, with us by your side, you cannot lose.
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  • Monthly Private VIP Brunches, Virtual Meet-ups, Exclusive Travel, Members Only Opportunities & Events (virtual + in-person post COVID-19).
  • On-going education & exclusive knowledge of how to brand your business for global success. Branding Power that will last for generations to come.
  • Our network offers a direct & virtual connection for all members to access services and resources needed to ensure success. This connection is offered exclusively by our very own growing network of successful business pioneers.
  • With great passion and profound expertise, we provide a unique, fun and memorable networking experience.
  •  Our members have full access to our Exclusive Digital Business Courses at discounted rates. Courses are released monthly & bi-monthly with member requests and business needs in mind. Special Promotional Codes are provided.

  • Exclusive Mentorship Opportunities with ONLY THE BEST OF THE BEST.
  • Highlighted Members/Member Spotlight, Special Guests and/or Celebrity Guests Monthly. (All of our guests are strategically selected to provide profound learning opportunities and extensive knowledge to help advance career paths and business growth exclusively for our members).
  • Annual Exclusive Conference Extravaganza featuring special guests, awards, pampering, dynamic speakers, life-coaching, retreats and exclusive product introductions strictly for the advancement and benefit of our members, their businesses and their careers.
  • Life-changing Beauty Knowledge. Our members are the first to gain access to newly released Organic, Non-toxic, Animal Cruelty-free Beauty Collections by Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood, An Exclusive Luxury Brand ( Members receive special product discounts. Flawless Beauty Looks are customized per our member's requests as well. Our members receive a special VIP Membership Discount Code that offers profound exclusivity, including makeup classes, professional image consulting and more.
  • Exclusive Brunch & Beauties Merchandise/Fashion Statements (members only jackets, t-shirts, coffee mugs, customized sneakers/pumps, an Exclusive "Brunch & Beauties" Signature Lipsticks, custom eyeshadow palettes, planners, journals, travel bags and more). Watch out world, here we come! A true sisterhood of Professional Business Women who learn and celebrate great accomplishments and success together.
  • OUR ONLY RULES: Positive Vibes Only. We don’t compete. We uplift & evolve in every way and we Brunch n’ Power!
Always DREAM BIG! As a phenomenal network, we will continue helping others to achieve their greatest goals. We support and celebrate your accomplishments as you connect with & enjoy only the best. Knowledge is power and our members are in for even more beautiful opportunities. Read on, learn more... 


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Brand your way to the top. Rather a start-up company or an existing business, this course offers essential branding tools & dynamic techniques with proven success. Knowledge is power and we offer the propelling knowledge, experience & the resources that are vital for any & every successful business and its
consistent growth. 


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Protect your business. This course is designed to help you identify the business requirements and the differences for Copyrights vs. Trademarks for your brand. It also includes exclusive knowledge and the step-by-step process of how to trademark your logo & your overall brand successfully.



Take your brand to the next level. You deserve ONLY the very best. Reserve a 1-hour consultation for Business Branding, Marketing, Create a Winning Bio or receive Exclusive Beauty/Image Consulting with "the best". Meet Beauty & Branding Expert "Nakeah Fuller". Embrace great wisdom and gain
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Brunch & Beauties is a professional, unique, yet fun multi-cultural network speared in collaboration with Hollywood’s Beauty & Branding Expert, Renowned Blogger, Makeup Artist to the Stars, CEO "Nakeah Fuller" of Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood.  "The Branding Queen" who's also quite known for helping others to also achieve great success.  And, the silent force & dynamic creative behind numerous household brands, including Nakeah Fuller’s global branding success over the years is "Jheri Nicole Cavitt", Founder of Jhericoco Creative Agency.  15 years of working together in Hollywood; throughout such amazingness; including the good, the bad & the ugly has proven that not only can women help create great success together, but can grow, conquer, and create such beautiful, life-changing MAGIC!  We've helped each other to win while accomplishing great success along the way.  Women are a powerful force "together" and we are sure that our dynamic network will bring forth even more beautiful unity while generating an undeniable sisterhood, life-changing opportunities, unique experiences, magical fulfillment, great vision, career goal achievement and tremendous success for not just us, but for others as well. We're very excited for our members!

Coco's Credentials

As a multi-talented visionary, Jheri has worked in the film, commercial, fashion, print and the design industry both in front and behind the camera in Hollywood for 15 years & still counting. With phenomenal credentials in every area of creative directing and brand development, she's quite phenomenal at what she does & her natural gift speaks for itself. With great vision & astounding creativity, she's known for having such a unique eye while developing numerous brands around the globe as she takes companies & the team behind the brand to magnificent heights. Below you'll find just a few of her astonishing credentials as an extraordinary creative, business woman & visionary.


Instagram: @jhericoco

  • Founder of Jhericoco Custom Shoe Design, Graphic/Logo/Web Designer for Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood, Nakeah's Academy of Makeup, Gwen Stefani’s NBC - Special Visual Treatments, Morphe Brushes, All Things Beauty Blog, Alexandria Professional, Kendy Joi (Love That Girl), Comedian Tony Baker, UCLA and many, many more...

  • Stylist/Costumer in Hollywood, Production for Emmy's Producer Nailah Holliday, VMA's Miley Cyrus' 'Younger Now' Performance, Charlie XCX 'Boys' Music Video, SugarFactory Grand Opening, Audi, Nintendo, H-E-B, Honda, Verizon, T-Mobile, and State Farm Commercials+, FX American Horror Story, Cake, the show Pose on FX and Politician Promos, N'Compass International for Comic-Con & Gaming Tournament to name a few.

  • Model, Talent & Dancer for LA Fashion Week, Johnny Was, Melissa Rivers' Line for Zappos, Nikon, David Guetta's "Love is Gone" Music Video, Kia, Pinkberry, Heineken, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Friends with Benefits, Bud Light, Doritos, Alexandria Professional, Walmart, Lexus and numerous others.

  • Production Coordinator for Netflix Documentary directed by award winning Michele Ohayon.

  • Custom Painted Sneaker Artist for NFL Tennessee Titans Player Cameron Batson and numerous others.

Nakeah's Credentials

Go Behind-The-Scenes...

Nakeah Fuller, while specializing in lavish effortless beauty, she is known for bringing out the best in everyone, both inside and out. Her passion is to help any & everyone to look & feel their best while branding with excellence while also following their dreams. Her motto: "When we look good, we FEEL good!" As a dynamic business woman, branding expert & successful beauty artist, she often shares with her mentees: "When you do what you love, work never, ever feels like work".  She has a special way of bringing out the best in everyone and she often brings the best of the best together. With immense excellence, Nakeah Fuller has branded her way to the top & quite beautifully, all while training and sharing greatness with others.

Known as the highest paid Makeup Artist in Hollywood, A World Renowned Beauty Expert, Blogger, Brand Expert, Beauty Educator, CEO & Influencer, Nakeah Fuller has worked her gift & branding expertise in the world of beauty, fashion and entertainment for almost 2 decades.

*Click the website link below - Watch & listen to her remarkable story of triumph, determination & success...


Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood



Facebook & Instagram: @nakeahcosmeticsofhollywood


  • A Texas Native with dynamic credentials & proven success. Nakeah Fuller is often seen on Hollywood's most elite red carpets for global movie premieres, The Oscars, The Golden Globe Awards, The SAG Awards & more.

  • Renowned Blogger & Brand Influencer for Global Brands including AT&T, Samsung, Luxury Fragrance Brands, Plus Size Clothing Brands such as ASOS Curve, AdditionElle, Lane Bryant, Torrid, Eloquii & many more.

  • Celebrity Makeup Artist & Celebrity Male Groomer for many of Hollywood's most famous faces including Harrison Ford, Chaka Khan, Pierce Brosnan, Russell Simmons, Victoria Justice, Loretta Devine, Mike Epps, and many, many more.

  • Featured on numerous television shows such as WE TV's "My Fair Wedding" with David Tutera, "Running Russel Simmons" on the Oxygen Network, "Married to Medicine" on Bravo and more.

  • Nakeah Fuller and her Professional Beauty Team are often spotted working world renowned events & award shows such as the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Golden Globes, Grammy's, BET Awards, New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week & more.

  • Nakeah Fuller has trained more than 5,000 students from around the world who've traveled to Hollywood for her dynamic Beauty & Business Training.

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